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Ask Anything Session

Over time, we have received a lot of inquiries as to whether we are available as a resource for our clients’ friends and family.  The answer is 100% YES!  If they are a friend of yours, they are a friend of ours.  Therefore we offer Ask Anything Sessions, which are simply 20-minute phone conversations to help answer ANY questions they may have. 


There are so many to list, but here are a few items we have covered in the past:

  • How do I know if I am on track for retirement?
  • How do advisor’s charge fees?
  • How do I read my investment account statements?
  • Do I have the right allocation?
  • How do I make sure a plan is in place for my family?


Whether your friends, family, or colleagues know what they want to focus on or they don’t know what they don’t know, you can give them access to us and our expertise in the form of a 20-minute Ask Anything Session.


20 minutes of our time is all theirs.

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